We realized we didn’t have a good archive of the session names/speakers for previous years, so this is our attempt to satisfy that need. If we can find the abstracts, we’ll post them too!

Soft Skills / Brian Prince
Innovation / Chris Woodruff
Effective Communication / Dave Giard
Social Networking / Sarah D.
Branding 101 / Clovis Bordeaux
Shameless Self Promotion / Jeff Blankenburg
Intro to Kanban / Tim Wingfield
Lost Art of Simplicity / Josh Holmes
3 Tips for Improving your Dev Process / Jim Holmes
Organizational Dynamics / James Bender
Design / Andy van Solkema
5 Ways to be more agile / Brian Prince
Change / Leon Gersing
Leadership 101 / Jim Holmes
Community / Mike Wood

Treating the community like a pile of crap makes it stronger / Brian Prince
Agile+UX: The Great Convergence of User Centered Design / John Hwang
How to Work Effectively with a Designer/ How to Work Effectively with a Developer / Jeff McWherter and Amelia Marschall
Have you hugged your brand today / Clovis Bordeaux
Be a better developer / Mike Wood
Does your code tell a story / Alan Stevens
Why Testing is Important / Phil Japikse
Stone Soup / James Bender
Women in Technology / Jennifer Marsman
What Tools Should Be in Your Dev Workshop / Tim Wingfield
Resumes / Jeff Blankenburg

Taking back education / Joe O’Brien
Data Visualization / Dave Giard
Working with Great Teams / Jim Holmes
Design for Developers / Jeff McWherter
Habits, tools and Developer Rights / Tim Ford
It’s only aweso without me / Jeff Blankenburg
Executable Requirements / Dan Neumann
You / Leon Gersing
Rock your body language / Laura Bergells
Performance Evals Again? This sucks! / Jim Holmes
Interviewing panel / multiple speakers