It’s amazing how much time people will spend learning the latest “shiny” tool or technology, but when it comes to improving their soft skills, they spend almost no time trying to improve. It’s something we’re trying to fix with the X Conference.

The Kalamazoo X Conference is a one-day, single track, conference focused on inspiring knowledge workers to have a fulfilling career. While there are many great technical conferences in the region, their focus tends toward new technologies and skills. The Kalamazoo X Conference intends to uniquely complement those conferences by enabling attendees to improve their core competencies.

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2017 Details

Saturday, April 29th

Venue: Fetzer Center, WMU Campus
2350 Business Ct, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

What People Are Saying

“#kalx12 is like an All Star team of speakers. Every single one would have been the best talk at every other conference.”

“I’ve discovered @kalamazoox is a hidden gem. Today was like a braver, more profane set of dev-oriented TED talks. Lots of passion and humor.”

“In a time where organizers are censoring speakers and their content, @mjeaton and @kalamazoox is a bastion of freedom. He is a luminary.”

“@mjeaton @kalamazoox believes in the open exchange of ideas, however uncomfortable, and trusts humans to think, collaborate and create.”