Please note: this is NOT the order the sessions will be presented!

  • Perfect
    We seek perfection. The perfect partner, the perfect day, the perfect game, the perfect score, the perfect grade, the perfect body, the perfect gift. The perfect life. But perfect, where does it get us? Passionate! Dedicated? Unrelenting. Uncompromising. Obsessed. Disillusioned and Bitter. We have a problem; it’s called perfection. Let’s talk about our problem. That would be perfect.
  • The Art of Growing Up
    There’s a child in each of us that longs for the halcyon days of summer; dipping toes in the water off the pier, skipping stones across the pond, hopscotch in the alley with your friends. A child that yearns to run free from the responsibilities and pressures of modern life; that doesn’t report to work at 9am and leave at 4:55pm. Who could blame any of us for waxing sentimental and wanting the simple carefree existence of a kid? I can’t and won’t. I have chosen to love and support the little child within while becoming the adult my community needs. But How? How does one truly “Adult”? What does it mean to grow up? What does it mean to be an adult in a world stuck in a state of arrested development? Join me for a fun, silly and often candid look at being the biggest kid at the table on a single mission: to grow up.
  • A Field Guide for Male Allies
    Do you ever wonder what it is like being a woman in IT? Find out what women talk about when men aren’t around and learn what you can do to be a male ally at work and in the world. Go beyond not being a part of the problem; learn to be a part of the solution.
  • There Are Two Types of People
    There are two types of people in the world, those who are attending KalX and those who are not. We all know which group is better. In this session, we will look at our innate “us vs them” mentality and why the idea of “two types of people” leads to a breakdown in rational and nuanced discussions. We will see how discussion and understanding are the only way to truly impact and initiate change in the world.
  • The Kids are Alright
    It’s tempting to consider teenagers as vapid, self-absorbed, Tide Pod-swilling miscreants, but they face challenges today we never imagined. The world is evolving before our eyes, and technology is a huge part of that change. Even if you don’t have any teenagers in your life, your role in the industry and the work you do has a direct effect on them and their future, and thus, the future of us all.
    In this presentation, we’ll take a look at how technology shapes their world, what obstacles they have to overcome, and what it’s like to be a teenager today. And we’ll turn the tables to see what life advice they have for us. Spoiler alert: they’re way smarter than you think.
  • Does Evil Really Exist?
    We grow up being told stories of good and evil, hearing legends with heroes and villains, reciting tales where wrongdoers are punished and the righteous are celebrated. In a society marked by conflict and injustices, we hasten to follow this paradigm and put those who wrong us into categories of “wrongdoers”, “villains”, and “evil”. But are they truly evil? How do we come to determine what they did was really wrong? What makes our own moral compass more accurate than someone else’s? How do we begin to navigate a world where the concepts of right and wrong and good vs. evil are so closely tied to our own perceptions and value systems?
  • Tough Love
    Do these pants make my butt look fat? What do you think of my proposal for the project? Are we going to make the deadline? Sometimes we ask questions that we don’t want honest answers to. This talk makes a case for the truth in our personal and professional lives. Sometimes the truth hurts, but you know what they say… no pain, no gain.
  • Technology is easy, people are hard
    What you need to know to crack the code of human connection. Technology has rules that always apply. It’s consistent. Emotionless. People are irrational, inconsistent and a moving target. Let’s discuss how you can put the most important thing we have in our careers to good use – communication.
  • I Feel Like I’m Losing my Sh*t
    If you listen to radio stations that play pop music, you hear the same ten or so songs over and over again. Even if you hate a song the first time, by the tenth, eleventh and twelfth time it comes bumping out of your speakers into your brain, your toes are tapping and you’re singing along. Do you ever intentionally lose the rhythm in an attempt to resist the brainwashing?In an age where you can quite literally look up almost anything on your phone in five seconds, gaslighting and fake news are squashing our empathy and crushing our intellectual curiosity. There is so much damn noise we can’t hear ourselves think much less speak to each other. If you feel like you’re losing your mind, you aren’t alone. How do we keep it together when the entire world seems to have gone mad?